Game Description

You play as Ramona, a senior high school student living in Reno, Nevada. She lives with her dad since her mom passed when she was a small child. Reno is isolated from the rest of the world by the desert and no one seems to travel in or out. It is under control of demons who occupied the city and play brutal games with people's lives and minds. The citizens can't understand that they're brainwashed and Mona is the only one who knows about the occupation and is able to comprehend the games they play with people. The story starts with a new game by the demons at Ramona's school - the werewolf, where the only options are to kill or be killed.


Mona, 18.

Regina, 18.

Samuel, 18.

About Us

We are a two-people team from Helsinki, Finland. This game is a fun project where we could combine our hobbies of writing, photography, photo editing, programming and design into a visual novel. It's our first experience but we already have few new ideas for future.

Pam, 22.